Greetings from France

Every now and then, I get contacted by someone who wants to use my old Star Wars Posters for some kind of cool project.

I like that, to have created something that people find cool and useful. Last time, a guy from Siberia literally papered their wall with one of my posters.

This time, it was someone from St Claude, France. The Prolé Escrime St Claude is a fencing club that does real-life lightsaber tournaments, which sounds incredibly cool. They asked to use my art for decoration for an upcoming competitition.

It did not appear to be a for-profit affair, so I gladly let them do their thing, under the condition that I get some pictures. And they came through:

The outside of a gymnasium, with every window decorated by a small Star-Wars–themed poster.

The inside wall of a gymnasium, again decorated by lots of Star-Wars–themed posters in a wavy pattern.

They must have printed and pasted at least 30 posters all around the hall. You can see photos of the actual event (and lots of lightsabering) on the clubs Facebook page. It looks like a lot of fun.