Every episode of every ‘Star Trek’ series ever, ranked

I never thought I would ever link to playboy.com, but here it is. Jordan Hoffman watched and ranked all of the TV episodes of Star Trek (from #695 to #1).

I’ve been a rabid fan of the franchise since childhood and I’ve got the wedgie scars to prove it. While still maintaining a semi-functional adult life I pen the One Trek Mind column at StarTrek.com and host panels at Star Trek conventions. So when I present you with this complete ranking of every single Star Trek episode ever, it’s not like we just shot photon torpedoes at the wall.

Looking at the list is like strolling down memory lane. I watched all of those episodes myself some years ago. I could never watch all of them again, but this list might just make me go and watch the top twenty or something.

(Found on kottke.org.)

Update: If you’re especially interested in The Next Generation, there is a nifty episode guide to TNG by Max Temkin on Medium.