Fancy footnotes with bigfoot.js

Footnotes on the web are a pain in the ass. You click on a tiny number, get transported somewhere near the bottom of the page, find the footnote you were looking for, and click on a link to go back to where you were on the page. This script looks to make that whole process painless.

bigfoot.js is an ingenious litte JavaScript by Chris Sauvé. All it does is convert footnotes into clickable buttons that display the note in a dynamic speech bubble.1 this alleviates the annoying scrolling usually involved in reading footnotes.

Installation was simple: At bigfootjs.com2 you can find verbose installation instructions and documentation of the various settings.

I like to write lots of footnotes, so this is just the right plugin for me.

  1. Like this. 

  2. A wonderfully playful page that is worth a visit – even if you don’t need the plugin.